R.Test 4

One of our most successful products, the RTest Evolution is recognised as the first choice in effective arrhythmia detection in both Primary and Secondary care. It is currently installed in so many centers in both the UK and Switzerland that it is the most trusted ambulatory ECG monitor in both these countries.

The R.Test 4 is infact the 9th generation of R.Test monitor, but this version is revolutionary. For the first time, a Wavelet based algorithm has been implemented, and the traditional ECG monitoring period has been extended from 24 hours through to 32 days.

This advanced device facilitates conclusive capture and documentation of infrequent ECG arrhythmia events without the need for patient activation.

Weighing just 42 grams the R Test evolution 4 is extremely comfortable and is worn discreetly under clothing. Waterproof to the IPX4 standard, the R.Test evolution 4 is one of the most robust recorders available.

  • Continuous analysis of every heart beat enables automatic arrhythmia detection, particularly useful for asymptomatic events or those that occur during sleep.
  • A conveniently located patient activation button allows capture of the loop memory to investigate patient’s symptoms.
  • Local or remote interpretation using RTSoft Ultima, a windows based software package, or secure, encrypted e-mail transmission via NovaDrive.
  • Automatic detection and recording of the most serious pathological events.
  • Dedicated algorithm for automatic detection of Atrial Fibrillation.
  • Patient activated recordings.
  • Up to 5 minutes pre-event loop memory.
  • Fully configurable solid state memory for ECG events.
  • Complete heart rate trend data.
  • Quantitative analysis of all pathological events including chronological histogram.
  • With more than 5000 units sold in the UK alone, the R Test is a clinical tool that is tried and trusted by a great number of leading consultant cardiologists.


Fully integrated with RTSoft Ultima

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